Nintendo Switch Lite is here!


Welcome to another MonkeyBarGaming post, today I will be showing you a review of the new Nintendo Switch Lite. Sit back and enjoy today’s post.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is able to be used as a controller on the Nintendo Switch. It has no removable joy-cons which makes the experience a lot more different to the original Switch.

The Lite uses a wired charger and does not slide into the Nintendo Switch dock. The system still uses the same original Nintendo Switch cartridges so you will be able to play the same games you might of bought before hand.

Nintendo Switch Lite post image


The handheld itself comes in three main colors including yellow, turquoise and gray. The Nintendo Switch Lite will also later receive a special edition system implementing a Pokémon Sword and Shield design.

This is the first look of the Nintendo Switch Lite


Let me know down below in the comments about your thoughts towards the Nintendo Switch Lite

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