The 4 Bosses in Minecraft


Welcome to another MonkeyBarGaming post, today I will be covering the 4 different bosses in Minecraft.

Illager Patrol


This boss is the easiest one in the game. It consists of 5 raids each with different mobs including Pillagers, Which’s and Ravagers. This boss spawns in a out post which can be found near villagers. When killing the captain it gives you a bad omen effect. If walking in a village with this effect you’ll instantly start the boss fight.

Elder Guardian


The Elder Guardian can be found in ocean monuments and contains a sharp lase. To fight the beast you will need water breathing potions or doors if you haven’t been to the never yet. You need to be aware because this boss does give slow down your mining so watch out.


Wither Boss

Attaching the wither is not fun, it shoots TNT cannon balls from it’s head and they make big explosions. A nice way to defeat the wither is to get it trapped under the end portal in the end. This works because the wither is trapped and it won’t be able to shoot it’s TNT cannon balls.

Ender Dragon


The first boss in the game was the Ender Dragon. This boss is attached to end crystals which you then need to break. It shoots purple dragon breath which can kill you if you do not avoid it. Once killing the dragon yo can simply obtain the egg by putting a torch under it.


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  • Pillager raids are a RAID NOT A BOSS.
    Elder Guardians are minibosses, not bosses.
    If you want to learn a topic you should actually learn the game.
    And Finally, the Wither and Ender Dragon are the only 2 canonical bosses.

    • I agree a pillager raid is more of a RAID not a boss plus there are like 6 pillagers in one raid and you don defeat 6 ender dragons and for another thing you showed the basic state of the wither try showing a more challenging state next time okay?

  • my toughts:
    Ender Dragon
    Mini Bosses:
    Skeleton horseman
    Elder Guardian
    Mini Boss Events:
    Pillager attack

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