3 Third Party Nintendo 64 controllers


If you have started out collecting retro consoles or perhaps have an old one lying around then it can be rather frustrating when it comes to using the controller. Perhaps your original one was broken or you lost it and need to buy a replacement but can’t find an official controller.

In this case it may be more viable to purchase a 3rd party controller from a different manufacturer and get some enhanced features the original doesn’t offer such as closer buttons, better form factor and overall comfort if your an avid gamer.

Hori Pad Controller


Hori pad mini

The first controller on our list is the Hori pad which primarily focuses on an improved analogue stick and overall layout and is by far the most recognised controller on the list. The buttons are much closer making it a nice option for speed runners, as you can see the Hori pad retains the original buttons but swapped around instead.

Super Pad 64 Controller

Super Pad 64

Next up on the list is the Super Pad 64 which has a rather unique design focusing on a smaller form factor thus reducing the strain on your hands. Unlike the original N64 controller this one is able to be held with both hands on the side and comes in transparent colours as shown above.

Brawler 64 Controller

Last on the list is the Brawler 64 which feels like a more modern version of the original N64 controller and feels a little like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This controller has an improved analogue stick and like the others comes in a variety of colours both solid and transparent.

Just like the Hori this one is popular amongst speed runners due to it’s comfort and overall form factor. My personal favourite amongst all of these is the Hori Pad as it maintains a balance between the original controller whilst also making some needed improvements with the closer buttons and newer design options.


Hope you enjoyed this quick compilation, let me know in the comments below what’ your favourite controller.

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