The 4 Bosses in Minecraft


Introduction Welcome to another MonkeyBarGaming post, today I will be covering the 4 different bosses in Minecraft. Illager Patrol This boss is the easiest one in the game. It consists of 5 raids each with different mobs including Pillagers, Which’s and Ravagers. This boss spawns in a out post which can be found near villagers. … Read moreThe 4 Bosses in Minecraft

How to install Optifine on Minecraft

how to install optifine on minecraft

Introduction If your an avid Minecraft player then installing the optifine framework is a must have to improve game performance and optimize Minecraft for the best performance. In this tutorial we will be taking a look at how to install optifine and explain some of the features you will get in your copy of Minecraft. … Read moreHow to install Optifine on Minecraft

[List] 7 awesome Minecraft texture packs


Introduction Minecraft has to be one of the most customizable games around with plenty of opportunities for custom mods, skins and texture packs to change the look of the game to match your style. In this post we will take a look at a couple awesome texture packs you can install on Minecraft. Installing the … Read more[List] 7 awesome Minecraft texture packs