3 places to find 100% DRM free games


Chances are if your reading this post your a gamer and if your like many you may not like DRM restrictions on games you buy. For those who are unaware DRM or (Digital Rights Management) is a common technology embedded with games, music, movies and other paid for content in an effort to prevent piracy.

Despite these intentions DRM can be rather frustrating and hinder the user experience in different ways including the following:
  • Preventing backups between devices you own
  • Preventing users from playing media on certain players or software
  • Requiring the game or program to connect to a proprietary server in order to function correctly
  • Requiring software dependencies in order to function properly
  • Limiting the amount of installations of the game even on the same computer

Finding an alternative

For those wishing to overcome these challenges you can find a vast selection of popular PC, Mac and Linux games without the extra restrictions.

Using the sources mentioned you can purchase, download and install copies of games and use them on your devices freely without been locked into servers or other software.

While some titles won’t be available due to licensing restrictions many popular games such as Bioshock, Splinter cell and The Witcher are available without drm.

Where to get DRM free games

Without further ado let’s get started and take a look at some of the top sources for DRM free games.

GOG (Formally Good Old Games)

GOG Games

The first website on our list is GOG.com which is by personal favourite for finding games, as mentioned above this site is home to many popular titles such as SpellForce. The thing I like about GOG is that you get a full package with your purchase including the game installer and wallpapers for the game.

With the installer you can use it as many times as you want on computers you own making it very flexible and helpful when restoring your system from a backup or moving to a new gaming rig.

The Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle

If your looking for a monthly subscription service then the aptly named Humble bundle does just that allowing you to sign up and receive a collection of games each month. Many of the games include smaller indie games rather than larger mainstream titles.

Nevertheless the humble bundle is great if you want a diverse collection each month and are looking to pay what you want giving you lots of options for games.



Last but not least is Kickstarter, while been known as a platform for startups and new creations there is a dedicated area for games. These games are all indie games and usually from new developers instead of larger publishers.

Depending on your favourite genre you can often pick up some interesting games here or help crowdfund them and then get them when they launch.


Thanks for reading this post, hopefully this has helped you explore the vast options for DRM free content available for all gamers alike regardless if you use Windows, Mac or Linux on your computer.

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