[List] 7 awesome Minecraft texture packs


Minecraft has to be one of the most customizable games around with plenty of opportunities for custom mods, skins and texture packs to change the look of the game to match your style. In this post we will take a look at a couple awesome texture packs you can install on Minecraft.

Installing the texture packs

This list will only work for the PC or Mac version of Minecraft and not for mobile Minecraft apps, for a guide on installing texture packs on mobile go here.

Number 1: Tamere


Download it here

The first texture pack on the list is Tamere and is a very clean realistic design with some stunning visuals. What I like about this texture pack is the level of detail, many other packs remove lots of detail and in my opinion make the game look overly simplistic.

Having a high resolution pack which removes some details but focuses on the main elements of the game is really awesome making this theme one of my favorites.

Number 2: Plastic


Download it here

The plastic texture pack adds a rather simplistic design to the game providing a very minimalist appearance. For many players this will help offer a clutter-free experience but others like myself find this takes away much of the detail that makes the game unique and enjoyable to look at.

Whichever your preference its definitely one to add to the list and one to check out for yourself.

Number 3: Chroma Hills


Download it here

Coming up at number 3 on this list is the chroma hills texture pack which like some of the others on the list aims to provide a realistic design to the game. The pack feels very polished adding a medieval styled experience to the game as it transformed graphics like blocks, trees, cobblestone and other items such as book shelves.

All up a rather impressive texture pack worth your time, be sure to check it out.

Number 4: Life HD


Download it here

Moving right along we have the life HD pack which aims to add loads of rich details to elements of the game providing a very modern sleek design. Give it a shot and see if you enjoy the pack.

Number 5: Winthor Winter

Download it here

This texture pack offers a really nice vivid winter design with some impressive visuals to provide a winter look to your Minecraft installation. Definitely give this a try if you want to have an elegant design and offer high resolution graphics.

Number 6: Milkyway Galaxy Night sky


Download it here

Next up on the list is Milkyway Galaxy Night sky which replaces the nightsky in the game with a far more detailed theme as shown in the image above. The texture pack also adds effects to the moon graphics and adds some nice visuals to the game.

In order to optimize the texture pack you will need to install the optifine framework which you can grab here, if you need help installing it refer to this guide.

Number 7: Better Nature


Download it here

Last but certainly not least on this compilation is the “better nature” texture pack which adds some really nice rich graphic enhancements to the game to add a realistic feel. The pack adds loads of minor details to things like grass, blocks, leaves and trees.


That’s all for the list of texture packs, I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to spice up your gameplay with some new visuals. Be sure to share in the comments your favorite texture pack and any suggestions for future content.