Minecraft 1.15 Overview



Welcome to another MonkeyBarGaming post, today I will be giving you a overview of the Minecraft 1.15 (Bees) update recently released by Microsoft as well as some images to give you a closer look at the changes.


1.15 has brought bees to the game. Bees are a very interesting addition to the game because you need to use flowers to breed them. They spawn in hives and work throughout the day and sometimes at night. The hives generate themselves onto trees and if you try to attack a bee it will attack you.

An adults bee’s height is 0.6 blocks and it’s width is the same length. A baby bee is only 0.3 block in height and the width is the same too. The bee itself consists of 5 hearts and is quite a easy hit with an enchanted diamond sword.

Minecraft Bees

Summary of changes

  • Wet sponges will instantly turn into try sponges when placed in the Nether
  • Bells are now able to ring with a redstone signal
  • Camp fires will now be able to be put out with any type of shovel
  • Redstone comparators will now detect the quantity of honey inside bee hives & nests
  • Dispensers can now collect honey bottles whilst dispensing glass bottles on bee hives



Overall this is a pretty nice update in my opinion and adds some more diversity to the game as a whole, hopefully the newer updates continue adding new mobs and auto-generated structures.

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