How to install Optifine on Minecraft


If your an avid Minecraft player then installing the optifine framework is a must have to improve game performance and optimize Minecraft for the best performance. In this tutorial we will be taking a look at how to install optifine and explain some of the features you will get in your copy of Minecraft.

Downloading optifine and prerequisites

Installing Java

Before getting started with Optifine you want to make sure you have Java installed and updated, chances are if you have had Minecraft for a while you probably already have it but make sure you have an up-to-date installation.

Updating or installing Java is simple simply go to the following link and grab the latest version by choosing download. Once complete simply open the installer and follow the prompts, if your on Windows you will be prompted to install the toolbar be sure to unselect this option to avoid adware.

Downloading Optifine

To get started head on over to the optifine site and download the “OptiFine HD Ultra” package and you will be taken to a page with advertising. From here wait 5 seconds then press skip ad at the top right hand corner.

If your using an ad-blocker then you may need to press continue on the message and wait an additional 3-5 seconds, next up be sure to choose save and keep if prompted by your browser to download the file.

Update your Minecraft installation


Just before installing the package open up Minecraft and ensure it is up-to-date, once finished you can close out of Minecraft.

Finalizing the installation


Lastly go ahead and navigate to your downloads folder and fine the optifine.jar file you downloaded earlier, simply double click on it to start installing. You will be presented with a small window prompting you to install the package.

Choose install and wait a minute or two and you will be informed that it installed successfully, at this stage hit ok and open Minecraft and next to the big play button you will see a triangle icon. Click on the icon to show the various launch options, within this menu you should see Optifine listed click on it and press play.


Now that its done go to graphics options and you can modify additional graphics settings which previously wouldn’t be available in Minecraft. If you enjoyed this guide be sure to check out our videos and share the guide with your friends.

*Image credits

All screenshots taken by MonkeyBarGaming

Minecraft splashscreen & Optifine installer via Flickr under Creative commons